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me wearing a banana suit at the Mt. Elbert Summit

hey, I'm steph!

Here's a little about me: I am a follower of Jesus - my relationship with Him is the reason for my hope and my source of love and care for others. Before hiking the PCT, I worked as a web designer & digital creative in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I liked some aspects of my job, but I was feeling restless in a sedentary job, and realized I wasn't sure that web design was what I wanted to do moving forward. A quarter-life crisis seemed appropriate.

2019-09-13 12.41.02 1.jpg

I was born in Washington state, but my family moved to Indiana when I was really young, and I had always wanted to get back over to the west coast and take in the beautiful lands that are a part of this country.

In 2016, I saw a video on Youtube from a PCT thru-hiker that piqued my interest. I then binge-watched my way through a video series from a girl my age who hiked the trail and had a realization - I want to do this... and I think I can.


My hope is to encourage you to step out in faith and to stop saying "someday." Whatever it is that you dream of, start with one little step towards your goal, today.

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