the pacific crest trail

2,650 miles of beauty from Mexico to Canada

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Passing through California, Oregon, and Washington, the PCT follows the mountain ranges of the west through some of the most beautiful scenery that America has to offer.

quick facts


the desert

Major landmarks:

Mt. San Jacinto, Mt. Baden-Powell


Challenges of this section:

carrying enough water between sections, keeping cool during the day, sun exposure

the sierra nevada

Major landmarks:

Mt. Whitney, Forester Pass (13,153 ft.)

Challenges of this section:

snow travel/snow melt, river crossings, post-holing in the snow, significant elevation change

northern california

Major landmarks:

Mt. Lassen, Mt. Shasta, Midpoint of the P.C.T., Oregon State Line!

Challenges of this section:

the mental game, motivation, wildfires may require detours depending on the year/timing


Major landmarks:

Crater Lake, Three Sisters, Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Hood

Challenges of this section:

mosquitos, motivation, wildfires may require detours depending on the year/timing


Major landmarks:

Mt. Adams, Mt. Rainier, Goat Rocks Wilderness, Glacier Peak Wilderness, North Cascades National Park

Challenges of this section:

cold and rain, reaching Canada before the snow comes, mentally processing that the end of the hike is coming

Huge thanks to Karen Wang, who took these incredible PCT photos. Northern Terminus photo by Michael Anger. Check out their stuff!

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