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Sweet rewards for those who donate...

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

Hey there! I'm hiking the entire length of the Pacific Crest Trail this year to raise money for Compassion International.

If you haven't seen my fundraising page, check that out first to learn more about why I chose to raise money for Compassion.

My goal is to raise $2 for every mile I hike: that's $5,300.

Your donations will go towards the most urgent needs of children in Compassion's programs.

PLUS - did someone say rewards? I sure did! Every penny you donate will go to Compassion, so I'm eating the cost of these because this is something I really believe in :)

1 cent per mile: $26.50

2 cents per mile: $53.00

1-2 cents per mile (and above) donors get this custom sticker of ME to put EVERYWHERE! Haha. Kind of ridiculous, I know, but seriously, you can think of me as cheering you on in whatever you need motivation for. Go to the gym! Make that dinner! Be awesome!

3 cents per mile: $79.50

4 cents per mile: $106

3-4 cents per mile (and above) donors get a Pacific Crest Trail patch

(last time I looked this was out of stock, so shipping might be a bit delayed :/ )

10 cents per mile: $265

10 cents per mile (and above) donors get a postcard from me while I'm on the trail!

20 cents per mile: $530

20 cents per mile (and above) donors will get a one on one thru-hiking Q&A session/call with me after I finish. I can help you plan your own backpacking trip, or we can just chat about the trail :) I'll also order you a nice print of one of my trail photos (your choice!)

If you donate before March 20th, I will do my best to get your rewards to you as soon as possible! Otherwise, I will send the rest out after I return home.

No one accomplishes anything alone, and I can't do this without you. Please join me in helping the world's most vulnerable today!

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