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I'm hiking the Pacific Northwest Trail this year!

If you thought my days as a thru-hiker were over, you were wrong. It's time for another adventure in 2023!


Westward Bound on the PNT

Another long distance hike? That's right. This time I'll be starting up in Montana in Glacier National Park and heading westbound through the Idaho panhandle to Washington, where I'll hike through North Cascades NP, ferry across the  Puget Sound, and hike through Olympic NP until I reach the coast. The last 100 miles stretch up the beach to Cape Alava, the westernmost point on the continental US.


My PCT Journey

From April to October 2019, I hiked over 2,300 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail (the PCT). This incredibly beautiful, 2,650 mile trail stretches from Mexico to Canada through some of the most breathtaking scenery that California, Oregon, and Washington have to offer. Due to some intense snow in 2019, I had to skip part of the Sierra section, but I finished during the summer of 2020 (with some careful resupply planning and lots of mask wearing).  Want to learn more about my journey and how I made this happen?


sweet midwest hikes

If you're an outdoorsy sort of person in Indiana, I feel your pain - so much corn, so few mountains. But there are actually some great hikes within driving distance of the midwest that I discovered while still living in Indiana. 

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